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Should You Use AI or Hire a Copywriter for Website Content?

Confession: when ChatGPT launched at the back end of 2022 I PANICKED. As a copywriter for website content, I felt doomed. I imagined every single one of my clients dumping me for a robot who’d do the job for free.

I wasn’t alone in my panic spiral, either — freelance copywriters UK-wide (and probably globally) were experiencing the same worries, and the copywriter Facebook groups I’m in were awash with skilled writers thinking of throwing the freelance towel in.

Fast-forward to April 2024 and as I write this blog and I’m busier than ever. I still have several of the clients I was working with back in 2022 when my robot fears were at their worst, and I’ve picked up several wonderful new clients since then, too. One thing I’ve noticed over the past 18 months is that AI ain’t all that. I’m no longer worried about a robot stealing my job (at least not for a few years), and here’s why…

My Clients Don't Trust AI

Maybe I’m lucky and just so happen to have clients who understand the importance of original, carefully written content, but I haven’t lost a single contract since language models like ChatGPT went mainstream.

Two of my regular clients recently sent emails saying that they are wholeheartedly against AI-generated content and wouldn’t continue working with me if they found out I wasn’t writing their copy myself. One even made me sign a contract to confirm that I wouldn’t get a robot to do my job for me (which I happily signed).

And it’s not just my long-standing clients that are anti-AI. A recent new client said she’d chosen to work with Good Egg because she could tell we care and wouldn’t just get ChatGPT to do our job for us. She said she didn’t want her web copy to seem like a robot had written it and knew we’d do a much better job at creating content that connects with her target audience.

Close up of a transfeminine person using a keyboard
Are human writers better than robot ones?

ChatGPT Doesn't Even Rate Itself

It’s all too easy for me as a copywriter to sit here and tell you that you should hire a real person for your content writing needs. So, I’ve put my scientist hat on to test my hypothesis that human writers are better than robot ones.

Does ChatGPT Create Original Content?

No. A writer friend of mine had the idea to ask ChatGPT whether the content it produces is original, so I thought I’d give it a try. Plagiarism is one of the most cited reasons for folks not wanting to use language models like ChatGPT, and many of us worry that the content it churns out will sound exactly like everyone else’s. If you’re concerned about that, you’re right to be. See the below image for ChatGPT’s take on whether or not it produces original content (TLDR: it kinda doesn’t).

Screenshot of Sophie asking ChatGPT if the content it creates is original
Do you worry about plagiarism?

Does ChatGPT Keep Your Content Confidential?

No. It’s also worth noting that entering confidential info into an AI machine is a BAD idea. Samsung is the best-known example of this mega error — employees at the tech company were attempting to debug code and summarise internal meeting notes by copying them into ChatGPT. Everything you share with AI is retained to train the model, so do not trust it with your secrets!

Does ChatGPT Think It's Better than Experienced Copywriters?

No. I think we can all agree that professional content writers are capable of creating some pretty gorgeous copy, but can artificial intelligence do the same? ChatGPT doesn’t seem to back its abilities with the same conviction that I back mine. In its own words, “copywriters bring creativity, industry knowledge, and often a deep understanding of human psychology to their work”. Two right, robot! 

Screenshot of Sophie asking ChatGPT if it writes better than a professional copywriter
Do you rate AI-generated copy?

Should You Use AI or Hire a Copywriter for Website Content?

As a copywriter for website content, it’ll come as no surprise that I think you should hire a copywriter for website content. Getting a professional to take charge of your words will always garner the best results and (at least for now) no robot can match the empathy and creativity of human copywriters.

There are, of course, times when hiring a copywriter isn’t an option. Not every business owner has the budget, or copy might be low on the priority list. If you aren’t a confident writer and can’t/don’t want to hire someone, artificial intelligence is a great tool for knocking up a first draft that you can then edit.

Just be careful that your AI-generated copy doesn’t stink of robots when you publish it. The key to this is being clear on your tone of voice so you can teach ChatGPT how to sound like your brand. If you need a hand with this, there’s a Good Egg for that…

Get Your Good Egg Tone of Voice Document

If you plan on writing your own website copy, social media posts, or blog posts, or you’re going to ask AI to give you a hand, it’s wise to get a little help from a copywriter. A Good Egg tone of voice document is the fastest and cheapest way of turning AI-generated content into copy that sounds like it was written by a human.

Our one-page PDF outlines exactly how to write for the folks you’re hoping will read your content, with the goal of creating a connection that’ll make them want to work with/buy from you.

Not only is this one-time investment of £350 much more affordable than hiring a professional to write your copy, but you’ll also have your document on hand if you do decide to hire someone later down the line. 

Get in touch to find out more about how our tone of voice document will help you stand out from your competitors.

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