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A Dream Team of Good Eggs

We are Sophie and Holly and people think we look alike.

All Our Eggs in One Basket

Not only do we look the same — we tend to think the same, too. That’s why, in 2021, we took our twinning to a whole new level and started a business together.

We both care more about how doing business feels, rather than grinding to hit endless KPIs. We’re suckers for clear communication and reliability (in and out of work), and we collectively cringe at agencies who are only in it for profit and clout.

We also both identify as highly-emotional people, which we truly think is a superpower — both in life and in business. If you feel the same, subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter: The Highly Emotional Business Owner.

Meet the Good Eggs

We Good Eggs are great at many things, but neither of us is particularly excellent at bigging up our brilliance. So, to sidestep our own imposter syndrome, we’ve written each other’s bios. Who better to say how it feels to work with us, than us?
Sophie Bellamy - a white woman in her thirties with short brown hair

Sophie Bellamy (by Holly)

Sophie is our copywriting lead and a 10/10 dream human. She’s creative, curious, and thoughtful — traits that not only make her a wonderful pal and business partner but also an excellent writer. And not just copy and content — she’s also written a book!

No matter the subject or audience, Sophie can always find the perfect words. She also cares deeply about what she does, so you can trust her copy to bring out the best in your business.

Sophie is a true digital nomad, collecting stories and creating meaningful friendships wherever she goes (which is 60 countries and counting). She likes long nature walks, hot teas and cold negronis, and is an absolute champion napper. That’s how she has enough energy to be one of the best people I know.

Holly Close - a white woman in her thirties with short brown hair working at a laptop

Holly Close (by Sophie)

Holly (or HC as I prefer to call her) is our web design lead and is, by far, my favourite person to work with. HC is one of those rare breeds that is both technical and creative. The websites that she builds perform well and look gorgeous, and she always does everything in her power to make her clients happy. 

As a business partner, Hol is astoundingly organised, unwaveringly reliable, and incredibly hard-working. Holly is the biggest cheerleader she is the kind of person I want on my team and you should, too. 

On a personal note, Holly is FUN. We’ve travelled a fair bit together and she’s the greatest adventure sidekick. When she isn’t busy with our business, you’ll find her cycling around in cute co-ords, voraciously reading, and seeking out tasty eats and drinks.

How we work

What to Expect from Good Egg

We’ll use our initial conversations with you to get to know your brand and put together a bespoke proposal that’s personalised to you. Although we’re a business, we’re certainly not corporate, and we hope our working relationship will be friendly, fun, and easy.

Our preferred method of communication is email, but we’re happy to jump on a Zoom call (or a similar conferencing platform) when needed. In general, we will respond to emails within 48 hours (not including weekends). In our proposal to you, we will set out a clear set of deadlines for both you and us. 

Over the last year, we’ve variously been based in Albania, Mexico, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the UK, managing all of our projects remotely. Our current clients are based around the globe so we can work with you no matter where you’re based or what time zone(s) you operate in.

Your website is your virtual storefront, and we’ll help you make it shine. But you can’t get a Selfridges Christmas window display on a Poundland budget…

  • Our prices reflect the value our work will add to your business, and we’re confident that this investment will translate into clicks, views, and ultimately sales.
  • We won’t upsell you on add-ons you don’t need
  • The total we quote in our proposal will be the price you pay (unless both sides agree upon additional work). So, you can be confident that there will be no nasty surprises when you get your final invoice.
  • We also won’t overwhelm you with technical jargon or leave you with a website you don’t feel confident using.

We’re passionate about making the digital space safe and accessible for everyone. We prioritise using inclusive language in our copy and stay up-to-date on best practices around sustainability and accessibility. Our preferred website hosting service is Siteground, which runs on renewable energy and minimises site load times, thus consuming less energy.

A Note on "Women"

You’ll notice we use the word women throughout our website when we’re talking about who we want to work with. We’ve borrowed the definition of women from Silvia Federici, who said:

“To me it has always been mostly in terms of a political category. I use the word women inclusively to mean all people who suffer under the oppressive conditions that have typically been associated with the female sex, which includes queer folks, trans and nonbinary people, and intersex and agender people”.

Think we might be a good fit to work together? Get in touch to let us know how we can help.