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What Does Your Copy Say

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(Potentially) intimidating fact alert: there are almost 2 billion websites on the Internet.

But that doesn’t mean yours can’t stand out in the crowd!

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Do You Feel Like You're Shouting into the Void?

We know from experience that it can sometimes feel a little futile (and a lot overwhelming) trying to compete with loads of established businesses that are already selling to your potential customers.

But it doesn’t take a hefty budget or a snazzy marketing degree to compete with the Bezos-esque big boys — you just need to know a couple of things:

  • SEO optimisation is one of the best ways to help your ideal customers discover your business — HELLO Google’s first page
  • Well-crafted blogs show your customers you know what you’re talking about (which is important if you want them to buy from you)
  • Adding snappy sales copy to your website will engage your audience, increase sales, and give your biz a juicy bottom line

Let's Talk Words

Good Egg specialises in three key copywriting services that you can book individually or as a package.

Or if you’d prefer to write your own copy, why not take advantage of our budget-friendly tone of voice service.  We’ll work with you to develop a one page PDF with guidelines on how to speak consistently to your ideal customer.

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Your website is your storefront, and for most potential customers it’s their first glimpse of who you are and what you do. Once folks find your site, you’ve got one chance to make a killer first impression to stop them from running into the arms of your competitors.

You might be finding that despite knowing your business inside-out, you’re struggling to get the exact right words on the page. Save yourself the frustration and let us find those words for you.

Whether you need retail copywriting for product pages, want to flesh out the sales copy on your landing page, or revamp your entire website, we have dreamy digital copywriting packages to suit. No existing platform? No problem. Our team can build you a custom website from scratch.

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Blogs & Content Writing

60% of consumers say that blogs are important in the early buying process, so there’s a real need for high-quality content copywriting. You’ve probably got loads of blog ideas piling up in your notes app, but you can’t quite find the time to turn those ideas into fully fleshed pieces.

We know it’s tempting to ask ChatGPT to churn out content instead of hiring a writer, but at best you’ll lose authenticity and at worst Google will flag your site for plagiarism (those guys hate copied copy so that’ll affect your ranking).

Partnering with a human writer guarantees originality and relatability, and those are things that customers genuinely get jazzed about. Not convinced? Take a look at our own blog page to get an idea of the content we can create for you.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We love SEO and you know who else does? Our old pal Google. And, since almost half of all purchases start with a Google search, showing up on the front page is a surefire way to make more sales.

You probably already know this and are desperate to SEO your site, but figuring out what the heck keywords are and why domain authority is important might have gotten you feeling mighty overwhelmed.

Our optimisation services are designed to help you ditch those OMG WTF feelings when it comes to SEO. From strategy and keyword research to optimisation of new and existing content, we can help. And, if you found us through Google, you’ve already seen that our own SEO strategy is working well.

Can I Write My Copy Myself (or Have AI Do It for Free)?

Who Would You Rather Work With?

Copy is one of those things that business owners often try to do themselves to save money. 

After all, it’s not like you need special software or training to develop your own copy. It’s just writing, right?

Well, not exactly. Great copy is both an art and a science.

  • It’s got to be written in a tone of voice that speaks to your ideal customers
  • It needs to strike the perfect balance of selling your products/services without being ‘salesy’
  • And if it’s sprinkled with SEO goodness just right, it’ll land you on Google’s first page

So yes, you (or an AI tool) can absolutely do it yourself. But that doesn’t mean you should.

As an experienced writer, I pour over every last word of your copy to ensure the tone speaks to your intended audience. I take the time to become a mini expert on your business, and I carefully craft your messaging in a way that nurtures and converts leads into customers.

On the other hand, an AI robot isn’t able to connect with folks in the same way as a real-life writer like me can. It doesn’t understand how to use language to tap into a customer’s pain points, or how to speak to them in a way that resonates emotionally. It’s an undeniable fact that I care a lot more about your success than any robot does — and it shows in the copy that I write.

–  Sophie Bellamy, human writer