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What the Heck is a Tone of Voice Document...

...and why should every business have one?

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Hello, Howdy, Hey, Hi!

Tone of voice isn’t just what you say, but how you say it. Every sentence can be written thousands of ways, and the words you use determine how your audience perceives your brand. Since the vast majority of consumers only buy from brands they trust, it’s mega important to create a connection that feels consistent and authentic.

Our tone of voice development service is designed to help you ace this ideal client connection with minimal effort. This one-time investment delivers a lot of bang for your buck.

Print it out and superglue it to your desk — you’re gonna want your brand voice document to hand whenever you write words for your biz.

Your Brand Is More than Your Logo and Colour Palette

The ‘rule of seven’ suggests that folks will interact with your brand seven times before they buy from you.

This not only suggests that you should be creating content regularly to increase your chances of hitting that magic number, but also that you need a solid brand identity so those potential clients recognise that it’s your biz they’re seeing.

For most businesses, incorporating a brand’s logos and colours in comms is a no-brainer, but what about brand voice? Is that giving the same consistency? If you don’t feel confident that it is, a tone of voice document can help with that!

Who Are Tone of Voice Documents For?

A TOV document is a great addition to our brand toolkit if you are…

✅ A business owner who doesn’t feel confident that you’re targeting your ideal customers as effectively as you could be

✅ Part of a small team wanting to ensure you’re all on the same page when talking to your target audience

✅ In the process of developing your visual branding and need a well-defined tone of voice to match

✅ A solopreneur wanting to outsource marketing tasks to a copywriter without losing that all-important brand consistency

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What Does Your Good Egg Tone of Voice Document Include?

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Our TOV guidelines delve into the four key elements of how a brand speaks to its audience.

Some of the questions your tone of voice document will answer:

🖋️ Brand personality – what are your brand’s core values and beliefs, and how is this communicated in your tone of voice?

🖋️ Tone of voice characteristics – are you funny or serious? Formal or casual? Enthusiastic or to the point?

🖋️ Language – will you use conversational, everyday language, or will you select words that feel more authoritative?

🖋️ Syntax and grammar – will you be playful with grammar or stick to the rules? Will your sentence structure be short and punchy or long and poetic?

Brand Voice Guidelines Should be Super Simple to Use

If you ask 100 different copywriters how to create tone of voice guidelines, you’ll probably end up with 100 different answers.

We reckon it’s best to keep it simple — small businesses don’t need epic War-and-Peace-style guidelines because let’s be honest, who’s got time to read ’em? Instead, we refine our tone of voice guidelines into a bespoke one-page PDF that’s easy to use and quick to reference.

This dreamy little doc will become your cheat sheet for all your comms. This could be anything from social media and blogs to PR outreach and pitching emails to prospective clients.

Let's Pin Down Your Tone of Voice

The beauty of tone of voice guidelines is you only have to create them once and you’ll have them to refer back to forever.

✨ Not too shabby to say we only charge £350! ✨ 

Get in touch if you think your biz could be doing a better job of speaking to your ideal clients.

Read More About Why We Love A Well-Defined Brand Voice

Defining your tone of voice can attract your dream clients, help you take advantage of time-saving AI tools, and even write your own blogs and web copy.

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