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The Good Egg Guide to Building a Feel Good Business

Download our free eBook for easy-to-implement tips that make work days ✨joyful✨

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Our Feel Good Business eBook is for you if...

😊 You want to learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and fully own your uniqueness

😊 Your days feel chaotic and you’d love to regain control by putting some organisational systems in place

😊 You feel isolated and want to connect with other women business owners but don’t know how to find them

😊 It’s important to you that your business is inclusive and accessible but you’ve no clue where to start

See What the Women We've Worked with Say About Our Advice

“Your tips genuinely have been helpful, and motivated me to refocus on the right things, and take steps forward in the right direction”

– Loni, a freedom loving freelancer

What You'll Learn

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How to Manufacture Motivation

CBA? Us too, which is why we’ve learned tricks to tackle our to-do list when we’d rather be doing *literally* anything else.

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How to Feel On Top of Your Finances

Financial literacy is empowering AF, so we’re sharing the resources and habits that give us clarity and confidence.

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How to Hack Your Nervous System

Our must-try tips will soothe your frazzled brain and help you slow down in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Being a Business Owner Isn't Just About Making Money

Many of us go into business because we dream of working exactly how we want (rather than how our bosses dictate).

For us Good Eggs, this means ensuring that every day at our laptops is joyful. We prioritise systems that make collaboration effortless, we rely on tech to reduce our admin load, and we never feel guilty about taking an extra-long lunch break or working from the sofa instead of the desk.

Feel Good Business Journal Prompt

What do joyful work days look like to you, and what small changes would make this a reality?

Meet the Good Eggs

We’re Sophie and Holly, a copywriting and web design duo from Yorkshire (UK) who work remotely worldwide. People also say we look like sisters—we’ll let you decide!

At Good Egg, we care most about how doing business feels. We don’t want to work 50-hour weeks or stress about hitting endless KPIs. Instead, we want to pour our energy into creating a company that feels joyful and allows us to support our fellow women business owners. Because when one of us wins, we all win.

If you’d like to get to know us before jumping into the eBook, this is a great place to start. Or, you can connect with us on Instagram.

Are You Ready to Run a Business that Feels Good?

Download our free eBook for tried and tested tips on how to fill your work days with joy.

Want tips on how to build a feel-good business?